Casting is an art of its own and one that we take very seriously as 20 plus year casting veterans. And casting in the audio space is somewhat different than for on-camera. Matching actors to roles where they can bring something special to their characters with only their voice is critical, and we work with the best. We are very collaborative creators and the actors are very much a member of that team.


We are excited to partner with Honeymix studios in NYC., owned and run by Mary Tomasiewicz & Eric Thompson. Their gorgeous SOTA facility, conveniently located in Chelsea, is an inspiring place to work, with large rooms which is ideal in allowing multiple actors to be together in the same space. The facility also has large comfy common areas to relax, hang out and enjoy the process.


Our approach is to treat the sound design as if it were a film, so the listening experience is like watching a movie with your eyes closed. Working in Dolby Atmos, we build the soundscape to create a vivid picture in the listeners mind. Atmospheres, foley sfx and spot sfx all combine with original or sourced music to create a truly immersive, 3D sound experience.


Music is where we started. We are composers and songwriters. We have composed and produced music for hundreds of national TV commercials, scored for film and TV and produced and released records, all working with musicians at the top of the New York, LA and Nashville scenes. So yeah, when it comes to music, whether the project requires an original score, or sourced music, we deliver a soundtrack that truly elevates the final project.


A good mix is essential to a professional release. Whether in Dolby Atmos, 5.1 or good old stereo, the remix takes all the elements of dialogue, sound design and music and and places everything in the space in a way that makes everything shine. Dialogue is king and must be clear and present, but also place the character in the particular scene, be it outdoors, in a small room or a factory warehouse. This attention to detail is everything in the immersive listening experience.


Delivering a final master with the proper specs required by the broadcaster is essential. Often multiple stems are requested that all must meet the particular loudness protocols and, when put together, recreate the exact intended mix. Again, attention to detail with experienced ears in a professional listening environment ensures the project gets the attention it deserves and the exact listening experience that makes our projects stand out among the crowd.